THE INTERNATIONAL Chamber of Shipping has opened a new ICS representative office in Shanghai.

The inauguration of a new office follows the admission of the China Shipowners’ Association as a full ICS member in January, and later the announcement of intentions to strengthen ties with China’s shipping industry.

The new office would extend the presence of the ICS China Liaison Office, which will continue to have a presence in the Hong Kong SAR.

The new ICS office is within the offices of the China P&I Club, in the North Bund area of Hongkou District in Shanghai.

“We are delighted to be here today at the opening of our new office in Shanghai and are grateful to the China P&I Club for generously providing the office space,” ICS secretary general Guy Platten said.

“China is a hub for global shipping, with the potential to contribute tremendous growth, and at ICS we recognise the important role that the Chinese maritime sector will continue to play in the global shipping industry and on the international stage.

“We have many challenges and opportunities ahead for our industry, but we must remember that the shipping industry is global, so only together can we find solutions for a sustainable future.

“The membership of the China Shipowners’ Association, as part of the ICS family of the world’s national shipowner associations, combined with the opening of our new office in Shanghai signifies a new era of enhanced collaboration and we look forward to continuing to build on this partnership.”

Edward Liu, principal representative ICS (China) liaison office and the representative office in Shanghai, said he was delighted the ICS was opening an office in Shanghai.

“It is less than one year since the China Shipowners’ Association became a full ICS member,” he said.

“China’s position as a major maritime power makes our presence in both Shanghai and Hong Kong SAR all the more important, as it further solidifies the collaborative relationship between ICS and China.

“We look forward to continuing open discussions with the China Shipowners’ Association and the Hong Kong Shipowners’ Association, fostering mutual understanding, and working in partnership as we navigate this exciting time for international shipping.”

Mr Liu thanked the Shanghai Municipal Transport Commission and the Hongkou District People’s Government for their support in making new office the possible.

The official opening was marked in Shanghai on 22 September at the North Bund Forum, a high-level annual maritime event jointly held by China’s Ministry of Transport and the Shanghai Government, attended by senior Chinese industry representatives and government officials.