AAL said in a recent statement switching to low-sulphur fuel would impact the economics of its operations.

The breakbulk, heavy lift and project cargo specialist said it had decided the best option for becoming compliant with the IMO 2020 rules would be to use low-sulphur fuel, but all variants are currently more expensive than standard marine bunkers.

“In consideration of the wide variety of cargo and trades that we handle and manage worldwide, we will be implementing various calculation methodologies to fairly share the increased cost of low sulphur fuel usage with our customers,” AAL said in the statement.


“These measures will come into effect from September 1st 2019, as we start the arduous task of preparing our fleet for low sulphur fuel and begin bunkering same with the intent of being fully compliant with the IMO regulation by year’s end.”

The company said it welcomed the impact the new regulations would have on the environment and the health of current and future generations.