VICTORIAN Transport Association CEO Peter Anderson has spoken of reforms to Victoria’s heavy vehicle licensing system, driver training and education, and equity and fairness for landside Port of Melbourne operators as important issues.

Mr Anderson was speaking at the VTA State Conference at San Remo, near Phillip Island.

“The most important of our many projects at this time is the review of the heavy licensing system in Victoria,” he told the gathering.

“Its completion will see women and men as young as 18 having a clear pathway into our industry and building their careers.”


Mr Anderson said the VTA was also helping the government initiate a review of the permit access system in Victoria.

“This review will lead to recommendations that will make the permit process predictable, less costly and more responsive to the work the community is asking us to complete,” he said.

“We have also produced a Port Landside Improvement Strategy that has clarified the complex issues within the port supply chain. Here, we are looking for greater equity and fairness to ensure the Port of Melbourne remains competitive.”

Mr Anderson said with a big build of infrastructure, they had been able to organise tip truck employers, and with their help have produced a spoil haulage improvement strategy that would see an uplift in standards and safety in the sector.