ASSISTANT Minister for road safety and freight transport, Scott Buchholz met with Mayors from the Central Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils and visited the CQ Inland port, at Emerald.

“As assistant minister, I appreciate the opportunity to get out and connect with regional communities, with local Mayors and the industries critical to our economy,” he said.

Mr Buchholz said the CQROC was a productive meeting of councils and industry from Gladstone in the east, through to Central Highlands in the west.

“These local representatives are here on the ground, they know their people and industries firsthand, they hear their experiences and they drive the same roads that carry the cattle and move the resources,” Mr Buchholz said.

“The Morrison government’s significant $1bn commitment towards the Roads of Strategic Importance Initiative in Queensland was also a hot topic of discussion.”

The CQ Inland Port was developed with funding by the federal government, with $2.9m in upgrades to enhance connectivity through an intermodal freight terminal.

Central Highlands mayor Kerry Hayes welcomed Mr Buchholz’s visit.

“Regional Queensland is in no doubt about the Morrison Government’s commitment to delivering road and freight infrastructure critical for key supply chains,” Cr Hayes said.

“Local government feels very confident when we get this level of engagement and on the ground service,” Mayor Hayes said.

“We are very fortunate that minister Buchholz is indeed a local and is determined that valuable supply chains across the state are strengthened and constructed.”