MICHEL MASSON will headline a line-up of infrastructure advisory bodies and authorities, to speak a the Victorian Transport Association’s state conference in March.

Under Mr Masson’s leadership, Infrastructure Victoria supports government departments and agencies in the development of sectoral infrastructure plans. And while it does not directly oversee or fund infrastructure projects, Infrastructure Victoria plays a significant role in providing government with the catalyst to make decisions on our state’s future infrastructure needs.

VTA CEO Peter Anderson, said,“Michel will deliver a keynote address at State Conference 2020 on the recent work of Infrastructure Victoria and talk about the projects that should be prioritised to safeguard our city and state’s growing transport needs.


“Infrastructure is absolutely critical for managing the increased demand operators face from customers every day. It will play a pivotal role in advocating for future transport infrastructure projects, so don’t miss out on the chance to have your say on what projects your operation would benefit most from.”

Other key infrastructure providers to address the conference include the North East Link Authority, Transurban, Regional Roads Victoria and ARTC.