THE Inge Kosan tanker ship is headed towards Australia and news service AAP confirmed on Sunday it has been given permission to anchor off Brisbane.

The British-flagged ship, carrying COVID-positive crew, is due to arrive around 10am on Tuesday (27 April) on route from Port Vila, Vanuatu.

It is understood arrangements were being made for the tanker to be boarded by Australian health and other officials, a maritime official said.

Workers boarded the Inge Kosan at Sydney’s Port Botany on 31 March and 1 April, raising health concerns. NSW Ports has since confirmed that the 15 port workers have all tested negative to COVID-19.


The tanker carrying liquefied petroleum gas came from PNG, where the coronavirus pandemic is escalating. It travelled from Port Botany to deliver fuel to Vanuatu.

Blood samples were sent to Sydney and 11 of the 12 crew – and another crew member whose body washed up on a Vanuatu beach – all tested positive to coronavirus.

The ship had been scheduled to deliver fuel to the Solomon Islands, but it was reportedly refused entry.

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