TASPORTS chief executive Anthony Donald has got the International Harbour Masters Association Congress underway with an impassioned call for a focus on honesty and integrity.

Mr Donald talked of the importance of organisational culture and while technical capabilities were crucial, other attributes were also highly valued.

“Technical capability is crucial. But it is also about being values-based.

“Those essential values of honesty and integrity,” he said.

Mr Donald also noted the need for the “highest standards in our organization”.

TasPorts CEO Anthony Donald at Bell Bay. Credit: TasPorts

Mr Donald also spoke at length about Port Master Plan, including extensive dredging at Burnie and the revitalisation of Macquarie Wharf at Hobart.

The latter project is part of an effort to position Hobart as the main access point to Antarctica, as well as an important part of increasing tourism more generally.

The IHMA Congress is being held online, having originally been planned for it to be held in Hobart. The event continues during the week.