CLASS society The Liberian Registry, has issued a statement opposing a recent proposal from the European Union Parliament on the implementation of an emissions trading system scheme for international shipping.

Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry chief operating officer Alfonso Castillero said efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions were important, however, it was vital they worked toward one set of requirements established by the International Maritime Organization, avoiding creating a fractured system.

“The EU ETS scheme, if implemented, should be applicable only to those waters of EU members, and not become a global scheme,” Mr Castillero said.

“The EU ETS scheme, if applied extraterritorially beyond intra-EU voyages, will distort the global market situation because it will cover voyages not only within the EU, but also voyages to and from the EU as agreed by the EU Parliament,” he said.

“Like many other IMO member states, we remain committed to working with the EU on a collaborative effort to address the environmental challenges posed by greenhouse gas emissions.”

Liberia has indicated it agrees with the recent World Shipping Council position that a unilateral EU ETS scheme would undermine efforts to cut global greenhouse gas emissions currently underway.