MARITIME Industry Australia has announced it is creating an Emergency Response Compendium to help emergency response agencies.

This was prompted by serious bushfires over the Australian summer.

“What we saw over the summer was the responsiveness of the commercial maritime sector in crisis situations,” said MIAL chief executive Teresa Lloyd.

“The vessels rendering bushfire support were well suited to the roles they undertook and the crews were able to be tasked at very short notice,” she said.

“The local civilian maritime industry proved itself to be flexible, nimble, professional and highly capable.”

Teresa Lloyd says emergency services require key information about our maritime assets. Credit: MIAL

Ms Lloyd said the compendium would hold currency on the available assets in Australia and will be available on demand.

Specifically, the compendium will contain:

• Key contacts within companies in the maritime sector

• A list of assets available along with details including:

  1. Capabilities
  2. areas of operation
  3. range
  4. equipment available

• Sailing routes, and more.

MIAL is to start work immediately on identifying the areas for improvement when working in these emergency situations.

“Improving the plans for the engagement of civilian maritime resources, establishing contacts and relationships across the business and government/emergency response divide and gaining a solid understanding of the requirements from both sides will lead to even more assistance in the future.  This will be an asset to all of those involved in emergencies,” Ms Lloyd said.

She the recent tragic bushfires reinforced the benefits to the nation of having maritime companies and maritime capabilities, including wharves & maintenance bases as well as vessels, based in Australia. The MIAL Emergency Response Compendium is expected to become a key resource in future emergency events.