NEPTUNE Pacific Direct Line announced that its weekly sailing schedule between New Zealand and Fiji will return, with improved local and global connectivity via strategic hubs in Auckland, Tauranga and Suva.

The returning weekly product between New Zealand and Fiji will also enhance NPDL’s Fiji-based connectivity to the smaller South Pacific island states, which it services with two dedicated, Fiji-based feeder vessels.

Neptune Pacific Direct Line was established in 2020, when Neptune Pacific Line acquired Pacific Direct Line to provide integrated shipping and supply chain services.

NPDL’s mission is to service the South Pacific markets with the highest frequency that the market volumes can support.

Anchoring its network with this weekly product will allow NPDL to offer an unmatched level of service, with full global supply chain connectivity, to its customers in the South Pacific, according to NPDL managing director Rolf Rasmussen.

The new schedules are an updated operational collaboration with Maersk and will be phased in from weeks 10 to 12 this year. The product will be fully deployed by 1 April 2021.