OCTOBER 10 is World Mental Health Day with this year’s focus being on suicide prevention – #WorldSuicidePreventionDay

Humanitarian group Human Rights at Sea, in partnership with author and mental health coach Gillian Higgins, has published a briefing note designed to improve the mental health of the world’s mariners – Mindfulness for the Maritime Industry.

A report earlier this year identified that seafarers were among occupational groups with the highest risk of stress, a factor known to impact on mental health, including the tragedy of seafarer suicide which has been highlighted as a leading cause of seafarer deaths.


This has driven the development of several maritime industry programs, educational courses and advocacy drives aimed at addressing and raising the profile of seafarer well-being.

“Faster turnaround schedules in ports, increased technology use causing higher levels of isolation onboard vessels and decreased crew numbers on ships are putting serious pressure on seafarers who may spend months or even years away from home,” said David Hammond, founder and trustee of Human Rights at Sea.

In Mindfulness for the Maritime Industry, Gillian Higgins – international barrister, mediator, mindfulness teacher and member of the legal team that advised on the 100 Series Rules for the Use of Force at Sea – explains how mindfulness can help.

“She shares what inspired her to start practising, some of the benefits that may be reaped and how to get started,” Mr Hammond said.

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