U-FREIGHT Korea, part of the Hong Kong-based U-Freight Group, has opened a new logistics hub in the South Korean city of Incheon.

The e-commerce fulfilment centre will process domestic and cross-border e-commerce shipments for business-to-business and business-to-consumer fulfilment.

With the anticipated increase in e-commerce logistics volumes, especially from South Korea to Vietnam, U-Freight Korea decided to invest in a bespoke temperature-controlled facility with easy access for e-commerce vendors and buyers based in South Korea.

U-Freight Korea’s new EFC will also house the company’s headquarters, which is moving from the existing multi-purpose warehouse located in Incheon airport’s free trade zone.


In U-Freight’s EFC, investment has been made in the necessary hardware for storing and order processing, plus the associated software that is required for system integration and end-to-end data transparency. A wide range of value-added or customised services are also available.

U-Freight Group CEO, Simon Wong said, “For several years, U-Freight has been showing its commitment to developing e-commerce logistics services; initially for cross-border e-commerce in China, but increasingly with other parts of the world.

“The decision to remodel many of our multiple warehouses across our global network so that they are capable of providing e-commerce logistics services, as well as open new EFCs is a further demonstration of our commitment.”