THE Australian Maritime Safety Authority has released footage collected from the YM Efficiency recovery operation.

The footage shows sub-sea robotic equipment working to separate containers, clear the seabed, attach lifting equipment and raise tonnes of rubbish from the ocean.

Some of the challenges faced by the crew of the recovery vessel MV Pride are also revealed.

The video also shows the volume of rubbish collected to be processed by waste crews at Newcastle.

Onshore, waste processing involves bunding each container to capture the putrid liquids and remove the sludge encasing cargo such as car parts, toilet paper, furnishings, machinery, nappy absorbent and plastics.

“It’s a dirty job but the teams have been working hard to ensure that all of this pollution is appropriately sorted for disposal,” AMSA said in a statement.

The MV Pride returned to port early last week where the crew offloaded 24 containers for processing.

To date, 57 shipping containers have been retrieved and there are now six remaining.

A change in the weather on Thursday brought strong winds and large swells to the area and forced a suspension of recovery operations.


The MV Pride is to remain off the coast to wait out the bad weather.

“We are hopeful that the remaining six containers will be recovered when weather conditions improve next week,” AMSA stated.