RAISING awareness of the risks posed by dangerous marine fauna is the aim of a Safety Alert issued by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

According to AMSA, Australian waters contain a range of dangerous fauna that can bite, sting or secrete toxins.

“An unwanted encounter with any of these dangerous fauna can happen without warning, so it is essential that you, your crew and passengers are prepared,” the regulator stated.

Among the deadly critters mentioned include deadly stingers such as box jellyfish and Irukandji, sea snakes, blue ringed octopus, crocodiles and sharks.


“It is the owner’s responsibility to identify the risks associated with dangerous fauna and develop ways of controlling and responding to these risks in the vessel’s safety management system,” AMSA stated.

“The master is responsible for implementing the safety management system, while crew and others on board the vessel are responsible for following the instructions of the master.”