THE Maritime Union of Australia has given Patrick Terminals notice of yet another protected industrial action. The stevedore has warned of “possible impact” as a result of the actions.

The new PIA is for Fremantle. The union said in its notice that there will be work stoppages of one-hour duration at 0600, 1400 and 2200 every day from 27 May through 4 June, excluding Saturday and Sunday.

This PIA is more severe than the previously announced actions, which mostly covered bans on overtime, working shift extensions, and bans on employees working when they are rostered as “off/avail”.


So far, PIA notices have been issued for Patrick terminals at Sydney, Brisbane and Fremantle, but none for Melbourne.

In a letter to customers, Patrick said there will be “possible impact” as a result of the industrial actions at the three terminals.

Patrick said they are forecasting a reduction in available labour at its terminals affected by the PIAs. However, the impact of the reduction is still being assessed.