SHIPPING lines can now monitor and access container refrigeration unit operations from a smartphone or tablet, thanks to Carrier Transicold’s new Micro-Link® 5 controller, the industry’s first container refrigeration unit controller with wireless connection.

The Micro-Link 5 controller allows personnel to interface with refrigerated containers via Carrier Transicold’s new DataLINE Connect™ app for mobile devices without any physical contact with the refrigeration unit itself.

That means operators standing dockside or on a ship deck can securely monitor temperature readings, check alerts, review diagnostics and download data from nearby Carrier Transicold refrigerated containers, even if the containers are stacked high above.

The DataLINE Connect app provides information-rich, intuitive displays so operators can quickly and easily see and respond to relevant container information.


The new controller features a 32-bit ARM processor that is 150 times faster than its predecessor, has twice as many inputs/outputs, enabling the use of additional sensors and significantly expanding its range of capabilities, and offers a port for direct data exchange for software updates and data downloads using a USB flash drive or direct PC connection.

Significantly, the Micro-Link 5 offers expanded memory for data storage and programming – up to 2,000 times more than the current product.

The Micro-Link 5 controller’s optional back-up battery offers another industry first: the application of “smart battery” technology – commonly found on smartphones today – to container refrigeration unit control.

“This represents a major leap in visibility, accessibility and functionality compared to traditional controls,” Willy Yeo, director of marketing, Carrier Transicold, said.

“Wireless technology enables greater and more convenient customer access to their container refrigeration systems for greater productivity. The MicroLink 5 controller offers the potential to support more features and digital offerings.”