THE arrival of ro-ro vessel Höegh Tracer shows how Port of Newcastle is contributing to economic recovery in the Hunter region, chief executive Craig Carmody says.

Höegh Tracer is a 200-metre ro-ro – part of Höegh’s modern New Horizon fleet – featuring 14 decks and more than 71,000m3 of cargo space.

On board was a range of heavy equipment and machinery – including one of the largest excavators in the world – bound for customers in regional New South Wales.

Port of Newcastle CEO Craig Carmody said the organisation was well-placed to help stimulate the local economy and was exploring new trade opportunities to boost post-COVID-19 economic recovery.


“As a major global trading gateway, we have an important role to play in helping local businesses access import and export markets,” Mr Carmody said.

“We are exploring new trade opportunities to diversify the economy and create new jobs within the region.”

Also included in the cargo was a large mechanical screener – a piece of mining machinery used to sort granular material – and cargo from Western Australia.

Check out the Hoegh Tracer in Newcastle. Credit: Port of Newcastle

Back in May, DCN reported the arrival of another ro-ro vessel in Newcastle, the Triton Ace, delivering a number of large pieces of mining machinery.

Höegh Tracer has more cargo capacity than Triton Ace but is the same length.

Port executive manager business development, Paul Brown, welcomed the partnership with Höegh Autoliners and others.

“We are working with supply chain partners to better understand their needs and are exploring ways the port can deliver more efficient and cost-effective solutions across a range of cargo,” Mr Brown said.

Höegh Autoliners sales manager in Australia Nicky Colaço said Port of Newcastle offered customers a convenient option to transport cargo.

“Together with the New Horizon vessel series, with a ramp capacity of 375 metric tonnes, we have brought added confidence to our customers who want to transport their over-dimensional cargo to an accessible location and great facility on the East Coast of Australia,” he said.

LINX Port Services executive general manager Vince Trotter said they were proud to work with Höegh Autoliners.

“Together, we are optimistic about coastal trade growth opportunities and delivering cost effective solutions for customers, industry stakeholders and encouraging trade through the port to the greater Newcastle region,” Mr Trotter said.