WESTERN Road Federation is bringing together a range of experts for a forum in June early next month.

The aim is to discuss and deal with key issues affecting trucking and road transport.

“By uniting the different segments, WRF has assisted in informing urban planners and regulators on the critical role road transport and logistics has in supporting the growth, liveability and economy of our cities,” Justin Pereira leader of WRF metro logistics group said.


“This is giving our members more influence when addressing issues of access, curfews, planning issues, congestion and even the impact on our industry when planning new areas.”

WRF identified multiple government agencies, universities and researchers were all doing significant urban logistics and road transport planning, but were largely unaware of each other’s efforts.

“There is some brilliant work going on but it is being done in isolation, we need to share it so we can all benefit,” Mr Pereira said.