CIVIL Contractors Federation South Australia chief executive Phil Sutherland has announced his resignation.

He is to step down from January next year, ending a nine-year tenure.

Mr Sutherland said the decision allowed him to consider alternative career opportunities and for the CCF (SA) to refresh.

Mr Sutherland is credited with transforming the Federation from a little-known industry association to significant prominence.   

“It has been an honour and privilege to be the face and spokesperson for such an important South Australian industry,” he said.

“The role demands you play with a straight bat with politicians, regardless of their colours. This requires some hard truths to be faced at times by government, as unpalatable as that can be for the government of the day.

“I will leave the position knowing that the Federation has played a major role in seeing historically high government investment in transport and other infrastructure destined for South Australia, and that the State, and in particular, smaller businesses, are benefiting from local industry participation requirements of government.”

CCF SA president Paul Davison paid tribute to Mr Sutherland’s efforts.

“Mr Sutherland’s contribution to increasing the advocacy of the CCF (SA) has been second to none over the time he has overseen our Association,” he said.

“We have never before in our history had the visibility we have secured before government and the media.

“Mr Sutherland has steered the organisation through a vast array of difficult and challenging times and the CCF (SA) is clearly in a better state for his contribution and leadership.”