MSC Australia has announced steps, globally and locally, to protect staff and business operations during the coronavirus pandemic.

All MSC Australian offices are to remain open with employees remaining onsite during normal business hours.

The Australian office based employees have been split into two teams, with one team working remotely while the other team is in the office.

Customers will still be able to contact all MSC staff as per usual regardless of their current working location.

“MSC believes there is no room for complacency in the current environment as COVID-19 extends across the world,” the company said in a statement.


“The reaction of governments and societies to the pandemic will have an impact on port and container terminal labour and productivity. MSC is monitoring closely any disruptions which might delay or block our vessels.”

MSC said it was maintaining its strong customer focus and “we continue to ensure that across all markets we can offer a range of services and continuously engage with our customers to minimise the disruptions to their businesses”.

“As one of the key actors in the global supply chain, we note that our services are also in great demand during a pandemic to support the delivery of food, medicines and essential items,” MSC stated.

“We are more than ever grateful to our seafarers for the important role they play in maintaining our fleet and to all our people for preserving the vital shipping and logistics services which help enable the global economy.”