A NEW “parts care” agreement between Kalmar and Victoria International Container Terminal will, over the next three years, cover the availability of Kalmar genuine spare parts for the terminal’s fleet of equipment. It is the first parts care agreement in Kalmar Australia, and the largest of its kind for the company worldwide.

Kalmar’s OneTerminal deployment at VICT includes the Kalmar Automatic Stacking Crane system with 20 ASCs, 11 Kalmar AutoShuttles™, Kalmar Automated Truck Handling, Kalmar Terminal Logistics System and the Navis N4 Terminal System. Kalmar is also responsible for the maintenance and support of the automated container handling software solution operating at VICT as well as technical support.

Kalmar parts care provides end-to-end visibility of VICT’s current spare parts processes by assessing their installed base and operational data. Through this analysis, a plan was devised to improve the availability of spare parts, to make spare parts management more efficient and share the inventory management risk.


“We are confident that this new parts care agreement will provide us significant benefits, due to a number of factors, including cost savings, shortened lead times, guaranteed availability of parts, lower inventory levels, as well as increased cash flow and reduced downtime of equipment,”Stuart Finch, general manager, engineering at VICT said.

Kalmar’s director service sales and operations Mick Henderson said, “This agreement is a result of fruitful collaboration and dedication from both the Kalmar and VICT teams and the joint desire to get the best outcome for both businesses to work through the details and deliver the agreement”.

Kalmar parts care aims to relieve customers of the need to keep a stock of spare parts, guaranteeing delivery of parts within 24 hours.