PACIFIC Towing has launched a new commercial kitchen and dining facilities at its dedicated tug base in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Managed to international standards and HACCP-compliant, the facilities support the base’s new accommodation blocks and training venue.

Staff, contractors and clients from both within and outside the maritime industry utilise PacTow’s various camp facilities. Currently producing around 250 meals per day, its new kitchen is capable of producing up to 1,000 meals.  Safe and secure accommodation option are available for 30 people.

“Outsourcing the camp to an experienced and professional operation was important to us because we wanted it to be run to a high standard” said PacTow GM, Neil Papenfus.

“Operating at a HACCP level not only ensures safe and high quality food but it is also attractive to future business partners in the market for camp facilities.”

A critical aspect of the new facilities was the need to provide diners with healthier food options as well as education around healthy eating, diet and nutrition.


“It is well known that PNG has an increasing problem of lifestyle related diseases many of which can be avoided through a healthy diet and regular exercise,” Mr Papenfus said.

Mr Papenfus reports that the new commercial cooking facilities will be used to train cooks from the company’s other operations so that all staff, no matter where they’re located, can benefit from a healthier diet and food education. While the majority of PacTow staff are located at its Port Moresby tug base others work out of several different ports around the country.

In accord with the company’s desire to provide healthier food options, as well as its policy to maximise local content in supply chains, the vast majority of fresh produce for PacTow’s kitchen is sourced locally.

“The food is fresher and therefore nutritionally better,” Mr Papenfus said.“Equally important though, buying from PNG farmers helps us drive development in our local communities.”