ADAPTALIFT announced it was bringing its container slip-sheet loading system to the Australian market.

The loading system, from Combilift, was engineered specifically for loading 20- and 40-foot containers quickly and efficiently to a maximum capacity of 30 tonnes.

Adaptalift claims this system allows for a 40-foot container to be loaded in six minutes.


The container slip-sheet loading system consists of a free-standing platform with a dual-directional motor-driven pulling mechanism. This moves a Hardox 500 steel sheet, allowing goods to be guided safely into containers.

When the container is fully loaded, a hydraulic rear gate at the end of the platform holds the load in place within the container while the slip sheet is removed and the container is closed and locked.

Adaptalift says this system is suitable for loading cargo such as aluminium, building materials, metals, plastics, steel and timber.