POSEIDON Sea Pilots has announced its plans to expand its operations nationally over the next few years. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AMS Group and will deliver a 10-year pilotage services agreement for the Brisbane pilotage area.

“AMS Group has been a global leader in providing high quality, innovative and integrated cost-effective solutions for maritime services for two decades,” Poseidon chair John Sugarman said.

“Amalgamating our high-tech safety systems with cutting-edge pilotage systems was a natural extension for our business.

“With the establishment of Poseidon Sea Pilots we are now enhancing and growing AMSG’s already, substantial workforce with the introduction of specialist maritime expertise.”

Mr Sugarman said the group has established a strong management team with unparalleled pilotage knowledge, experience and proficiency. It is now in the process of securing those mariners with the right skills, attitude and commitment to be part of the group’s ambition to shape the next generation of marine pilots.

“Our recruitment program is focusing on those mariners that are forward-thinking and who will comfortably embrace the emerging technologies that will define their profession in the future,” he said.

“South-east Queensland is a wonderful place to live and the Brisbane pilotage area is a busy, most of the time very beautiful, challenging and rewarding place to work.”

In addition to maintaining and developing a pilot’s existing skills, Poseidon Sea Pilots has developed a comprehensive leadership training and development academy providing new and long-term pilots the opportunity for growth.

“Naturally, a pilot’s skill is heavily weighted towards operating and managing specific systems in a dynamic environment and our own custom-built technology and leadership development will strengthen the pilot’s presence on the bridge,” Mr Sugarman said.

“The Poseidon Sea Pilot Academy will provide a sophisticated pilot training package based on the latest research in training and education for professionals that work in critical environments.”

The academy’s learning management system will follow and support a pilot from entry as a trainee through to retirement. It will also monitor on-water performance through technological means and ensure the robustness of the pilotage system.