POSEIDON Sea Pilots has joined Shipping Australia.

Maritime Safety Queensland recently awarded Poseidon with the 10-year contract to run pilotage operations at the Port of Brisbane.

AMS Group and Poseidon Sea Pilots chair John Sugarman said the company had established a strong management team with significant pilotage knowledge, experience and proficiency.

“Amalgamating our high-tech safety systems with cutting-edge pilotage systems was a natural extension for our business and we believe we are the first such organisation in the world,” Mr Sugarman said.


“At Poseidon, we’re looking forward to welcoming more than 50 new staff who will have the privilege of working together to usher a new era of pilotage into the maritime industry. It’s an exciting time for AMS Group and Poseidon Sea Pilots.”

“Members of our management team have spent the last six years working, at a global level, with ports, pilotage organisations and other safety critical industries such as the airlines. With this experience, they have developed safety, training and operational systems for pilotage that are truly cutting-edge and based on proven success. SAL members can look forward to benefiting from the efficiencies imbedded in our systems”.

Shipping Australia CEO Melwyn Noronha welcomed the pilotage company as a new member.

“It’s great to have Poseidon Sea Pilots aboard; they bring additional skills, expert insight and navigation experience to Shipping Australia, which will be of benefit to our members,” Mr Noronha said. “Pilotage is an interesting and evolving function of maritime operations that has, for decades, enabled ships to undertake safe passage.”