THE port authority in Singapore, PSA International, has signed a memorandum of understanding with air freight handling service SATS Ltd.

The agreement seeks to provide cargo owners and logistics service providers with seamless connectivity.

The partnership between PSA and SATS seeks to ease the path for new business models and supply chain innovation.

The freight industry, including small and medium-sized enterprises, is also expected to benefit from improved multimodal linkages and transit systems.


PSA and SATS are to collaborate on a wide range of cross-industry initiatives, particularly in the perishables, electronics, and e-commerce spaces.

From “yard-to-port” data linkages and network extensions between both companies, to enhanced track-and-trace capabilities, the partnership is to facilitate data transparency and ease of shipment movement within different free-trade zones.

For example, as the world’s first ground handler to receive European Union approval as an authorised establishment for the provision of meat trans-shipment services between New Zealand and the EU, SATS’ services could potentially be extended to new trade routes across both companies’ networks.

Beyond physical cargo movement, SATS and PSA are to integrate their systems to aid regulatory compliance and build data analytics capabilities.