QUEENSLAND’S world-class training and maritime simulation service, Smartship Australia, has completed its first Maritime Accident and Incident Investigation training course.

The course, which ran from 10-11 August as a webinar, balances theory, practical group exercises and a case study over the two days.

The course was designed to provide participants with information on the investigative process and recommended practices for a safety investigation into marine casualties and marine incidents.

Smartship’s director and principal instructor Captain Peter Listrup said it drew on international maritime legislation, IMO conventions and instruments and the requirement to adopt a consistent methodology and culture.

“This was not a dry theoretical course and participants were encouraged to get involved through practical exercises and engagement with the case study,” Captain Listrup said.

As with other Smartship courses, the course had a small training cohort which ensured higher levels of contact and engagement in the virtual classroom.

The course curriculum was developed by Captain Mike Hooley based on the IMO 3.11 model course.

Captain Hooley joined Smartship last November from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. He has significant maritime skills and experience as well as direct involvement and experience in marine safety investigations.

Captain Listrup said he was excited about the course, which he believes will be of significant value to pilots as well as people managing operational risks in a maritime setting.

“Captain Hooley has a passion for improving skills in this field,” he said.

“He has seen a need and has led the development of a worthwhile and valuable course.”