TOLL Group says it is progressively reactivating full parcels booking and tracking portal services, following the recent high profile cyberattack.

“Having prioritised customer-facing and other critical systems, we have many of our customers back online and operating essentially as normal, including through large parts of our global cargo forwarding network and across our logistics warehouse operations around the world,” the spokesperson said.

“And, we’re progressively reactivating full services on the MyToll parcels booking and tracking portal. Core systems including email, phones and end user devices have been tested, restored and are operating as normal.”


The spokesperson said it had been “a deliberately cautious approach” that had been pivotal in ensuring they managed, in an orderly and methodical way, the secure reinstatement of many platforms following their decision to deactivate systems.

“This was the prudent thing to do for our customers and our people, although it’s not a decision you arrive at lightly given it involves up to 500 applications that support Toll’s operations across 25 countries,” the spokesperson said.

“Some of our customers continue to be affected and we’re doing everything in our power to get them moving as a matter of priority and, importantly, when it’s safe to do so. We’re also turning our attention to the backlog of work that’s resulted from the disruption of the past couple of weeks.”