WHANGANUI Port on New Zealand’s North Island has awarded the contract for stage one of a port revitalisation project.

NZ company Concrete Structures received the construction contract for the NZ$13.5-million Te Pūwaha stage one civil construction works.

The Te Pūwaha project involves redeveloping Whanganui’s maritime infrastructure to encourage local vessel construction and enhance New Zealand’s coastal shipping network.

“Not only that, a revitalised port will build a platform for unlocking further investment, stimulate ongoing local economic development in Whanganui, draw in new businesses, and ensure the retention and attraction of high value jobs for our community,” Whanganui Port Operating Company chair Declan Millin said.

Whanganui Port Partnership chair Mark Petersen said Concrete Structures stood out for their expertise in the types of marine structures being built and their initiative to put forward alternative designs.

“The port rebuild is a high-profile project, with challenging technical construction elements, and a strong focus on broader community outcomes, so we are pleased to sign this first contract,” he said.

Stage one works include construction of a heavy pavement vessel hardstand and concrete structures out over the water.

The first stage also includes construction of a specialist water treatment plant to service the vessel maintenance heavy pavement, along with demolition and ground preparation works.

Mr Wardale expects procurement for the next phases of work to get underway later this year and into 2024.

He said the next stage would focus on the selection of designs and a contractor to rebuild the adjoining two port wharves, and the sourcing of dredging equipment for the port.