A TERMINAL operator has described as “minor” an incident on Tuesday where a Japanese warship impacted Brisbane’s Portside Wharf.

Footage of the the 14,000-tonne, 178-metre ship JS Kunisaki coming into contact with the wharf was subsequently shown on the internet.

JS Kunisaki is an Ōsumi class LST of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, commissioned into service in 2003.

Witnesses told 9News the ship appeared way too close to shore and made a loud crunch on impact.


A spokesperson from terminal operator Brookfield told Daily Cargo News, “Our team have assessed the damage and ensured the area is safe. There’s no ongoing implications and it is business as usual.

“This was a minor occurrence and there is nothing to be concerned about.”

The ship is in Brisbane ahead of exercises involving our own navy and the US.