DESIGN concepts for the new Maritime Museum at East Shores 1B have been unveiled by Gladstone Ports Corporation. GPC has engaged local designer Tess Groen-int-woud from GIW Designs, with the new look museum set to feature a video wall, log book display, shipwreck wall as well as upcycled furniture made from historical timber.

The Gladstone Maritime History Society are preparing to move more than 1600 artefacts from its existing building at Port Central to the new waterfront location at East Shores.

This is possible due to GPC’s decision to provide recreational parkland facilities while paying homage to the region’s maritime and industrial past.

The new location is also within arm’s reach of the HMAS Gladstone II at East Shores 1B – adding an extra feature to the award-winning parklands.

President Lindsay Wassell said the Maritime Museum would be hosting Queensland museum development officer Dr Melanie Piddocke for a three-day workshop from 1 December to 3 December for the community to help plan the future direction of the museum.

Mr Wassell said the workshop was open to the public and encouraged anyone thinking of becoming a volunteer to attend.

“The artefacts are all packed up and ready to be moved into their new home but when we unpack them we will need a few more hands to help us get them on display.

“We have 26 customised display cabinets worth $40,000 being made for us which was generously paid for by local Ross Patrick from the Patrick family.

“It’s very much a community project and GPC has given us the support we needed to make it all happen. I cannot thank and acknowledge the GPC leadership team enough for their involvement and understanding of our plight,” Mr Wassell said.

Acting CEO Craig Walker said the Maritime Museum was an important project for GPC and once complete will offer a unique experience to locals and visitors.

“Everyone at GPC is so proud to have supported the Maritime Museum in their existing location for the past 20 years and to see this project come to fruition is very rewarding for those who have put so much of their time and effort; we’ve been working hard to make their dream become a reality.

“The best part about re-locating the museum and giving it a facelift is seeing the smiles on the volunteers’ faces and the appreciation from the community,” he said.