A RO-RO arriving in Port of Brisbane crashed into a wharf on Thursday during relocation after coming alongside. It caused minor damage to the wharf.

The Glorious Ace, a MOL Line vessel registered in the Cayman Islands, hit the Fisherman Island wharf on Thursday morning, 13 January.

Maritime Safety Queensland acting general manager Andrew Mahon said the incident was a “very minor handling issue” which occurred after the ship had arrived safely in port.  

“We understand the vessel scraped while being relocated about six metres alongside the wharf at the request of stevedores after it was safely berthed by the pilot,” he said.

Mr Mahon said the damage was minor and below the level requiring reporting.

“Neither MSQ or the Port of Brisbane are concerned by the incident which is common with these types of manoeuvres.”


He noted the incident was unrelated to the ship’s pilotage. A pilot from Poseidon Sea Pilots facilitated a safe arrival.

“This was entirely separate from the vessel’s pilotage, which was conducted professionally and without incident,” Mr Mahon said.

“MSQ is extremely happy with their operations and safe pilotage and looks forward to continued positive collaboration with key port stakeholders over the coming years.”

Poseidon Sea Pilots took over operations in Port of Brisbane on 1 January. Brisbane Marine Pilots had been the ports pilotage provider for the previous 30 years.

Glorious Ace departed Brisbane and has arrived at Auckland.