AUSTRALIAN hydrogen specialist Provaris Energy has demonstrated the potential for low-cost delivery of green hydrogen from Norway, commencing in 2027.

The ASX-listed company has carried out a pre-feasibility study, with its partner Norwegian Hydrogen. The study identified a low-cost project for exporting the hydrogen using its compressed hydrogen storage and carriers.

The partners have identified a preferred site in Norway for the production facility, which will be able to produce up to 50,000 tonnes of green hydrogen a year.

A marine transport cost for the delivery of the hydrogen would be between €1.00 and €1.50.

The two companies are now working on permitting and key agreements to support the completion of a detailed feasibility report this year.

Provaris managing director and CEO said: “Compression has been demonstrated to be a highly flexible solution for variable hydrogen production, storage, and transportation.

“The flexibility and added value that compression offers while providing balancing services to the local grid is complimented with a positive impact on the LCOH of hydrogen delivered to Europe.”

Norwegian Hydrogen CEO Jens Berge said the model detailed in the pre-feasibility study will enable the delivery of green hydrogen to the European market at a competitive price.

“Our innovative concept offers a highly scalable solution which can be applied on several of our sites across the Nordic region,” he said.

Over the past several years, Provaris has been working on designs for hydrogen-carrying tankers. It received approval in principle for a vessel that can carry 430 tonnes of hydrogen and one with a 2000-tonne capacity.

Provaris, in April, received approval in principle from the American Bureau of Shipping for a floating storage unit for hydrogen.

In January, Provaris announced it would work with Norwegian Hydrogen to develop green hydrogen value supply chain projects in the Nordic region.