STENA LINE able seamen, Martina Thowsen and Alexander Gustafsson, are joining Mercy Ships’ hospital ship Africa Mercy as volunteers.

They will also be fundraising and raising awareness for the humanitarian non-government organisation.

Stena Line is a ferry company operating 20 routes in Northern Europe and has been a sponsor of Mercy Ships since 2017, supporting the charity in running fully equipped hospital ships.

Martina and Alexander are to start their journey in the Las Palmas shipyard where Africa Mercy is scheduled for maintenance before continuing the journey down to the coast of Senegal.


“I feel very prepared for what is yet to come and want to thank my colleagues at Stena Line who have shared with me their very valuable experience and knowledge,” said Alexander Gustafsson, able seaman at Stena Nautica.

There are more than 200 different roles required to run the Africa Mercy and even though medical care is a big part of it, other professions are needed as well, such as carpenters, mechanics, security officers and chefs.

“I am looking forward to meeting people from other cultures and countries, but most of all I am looking forward to contributing to this great cause. Even though I’m not working with the medical care team, on Africa Mercy I will still be a part of helping to improve people’s lives,” said able seaman Martina Thowsen from Stena Scandinavica.

The volunteer program is part of Stena Line’s sustainability strategy, which bridges over all three dimensions of sustainability; economical, ecological and social.