WINNERS of the ITF Seafarers’ Trust photo competition will receive their awards this week at a crewing conference in Manila.

Seafarers participating in the Life at Sea 2022 competition photographed their experiences at sea using their mobile phones.

Life at Sea 2022 is the latest in a series of competitions organised by the trust which bring together photos of seafarers, by seafarers.

The ITF Seafarer’s Trust said crewmembers submitted thousands of photos. The first, second and third prize winners will be awarded at a special ceremony on Thursday.

Katie Higginbottom, head of the ITF Seafarers’ Trust, said the competition highlighted the role seafarers played during the pandemic.

“From the beginning our aim was to collect imagery and commentary to raise awareness about their [seafarers’] situation during the crew change crisis,” she said.

“It’s about bringing the seafarers into the room when international regulations are being negotiated. It’s about connecting the human lives to the ‘human element’ and it’s also about educating the non-maritime public.”

San Ko Oo from Myanmar will be awarded first prize this year for his photo, Homesick.

The image features a fellow crewmember on the phone with family after he had been on board for several months.

“The person in the photo is from our vessel. It was something like one hour until sunset and we were going to take dinner together,” he said.

“While he was talking to his family on the phone I saw his mood and the light coming from the window onto him, at that moment I grabbed my camera and took the photo just in time.

“I won the first prize unexpectedly and I am very happy and proud.”

ITF Seafarers’ Trust said submissions are on display at an exhibition venue at the CrewConnect Global Conference in Manila.

The conference runs from 22-24 November.