Ocean Network Express has announced a donation of £30,000 to The Mission to Seafarers: Sustaining Crew Welfare Campaign, becoming its gold sponsor.

ONE is a major global container shipping company that offers an extensive liner network service portfolio covering more than 120 countries.

“As fundamental pillars in the transportation of goods and fuels, seafarers’ play a significant role in building today’s economic infrastructure,” ONE said in a statement.

“ONE’s contribution to MtS will go towards the entity’s mission supporting seafarers’ welfare in nine regions of the world.

“ONE is proud to be part of this initiative, and we hope to continue providing support to communities in need.”

The campaign builds on the work achieved by the Flying Angel Campaign launched in June 2020, raising funds for technology solutions and resilience in port, which reached its target of £600K in September.

“These funds have been used to respond to urgent needs in providing for seafarers globally, through the Mission network,” said Mission to Seafarers.

“We now need to maintain and adapt our services, against the backdrop of the COVID-19 virus. This, with the impending threat to our usual income streams has led us to reach out to the industry for support.”


The three funds of MtS include:

– Innovation Fund for regional support: Supporting our nine regions adapt to deliver vital welfare around the world 24/7.

– Justice & Welfare: Channelling and providing emergency welfare support in repatriation, representation, health and wellbeing.

– Family Support: Supporting our network in the Philippines and new Family Support in India.

MtS is also working on a number of new initiatives including resilience in mental health and WeCare training programs on its e-learning platform.