INCREASED positivity and satisfaction are experienced by international seafarers, a new report says.

The latest Seafarers Happiness Index report has shown improvement in happiness levels among seafarers across all industry sectors.

The index, prepared by The Mission to Seafarers and supported by P&I insurer the Shipowners’ Club, is intended as a gauge for measuring the feelings and experiences of seafarers across the world.

Done quarterly, in the latest report overall seafarer happiness rose from 6.27/10 to 6.59.


Happiness regarding interaction with other crew members also increased, up to 7.28 from 6.85 last quarter.

This was said to be one of the highest figures provided in the five years since the report began.

The latest report, which covers the third quarter of the year also saw a record number of participants engaging with the Seafarers Happiness Index.

Seafarers Happiness Index Steven Jones said they had been contacted by several cruise ship operators following the release of the last report and it was very positive to see the results being taken seriously.

“Hopefully, some of the insight we provided has contributed to this improvement in seafarers’ sentiments about life at sea, although there is no room for complacency,” Mr Jones said.

Shipowners Club director (loss prevention) Louise Hall said the positive results showed the effectiveness of this initiative.

“The index is providing a more accurate image than ever before of the conditions across the global fleet,” Ms Hall said.

“With record numbers of seafarers participating in the survey and engaging with the research, we have been able to identify more ways to support our members in prioritising the health and wellbeing of their crew.”

The report can be viewed here.