WÄRTSILÄ Gas Solutions, a division of Wärtsilä Corporation, has confirmed they will deliver the fuel supply and cargo handling systems for two newbuild gas carriers.

The ships are currently being built at the Hyundai Mipo Dockyards in Korea as part of a joint venture between EXMAR LPG and Seapeak, an owner-operator of liquefied natural gas vessels.

The two newbuilds are the last in a series of six vessels being delivered for EXMAR, and the latest announcement means Wärtsilä will have provided the cargo handling and fuel supply systems for all six vessels.

The Finnish technology company claimed in their announcement of the contract that these medium size gas carriers will be the first ever ocean-going vessels capable of operating with ammonia as fuel.

Ammonia has long been investigated for its potential as a renewable fuel due to its reduced greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional marine fuel. Ammonia doesn’t produce CO2, sulphur or particulate emissions when combusted.

Carl-Antoine Saverys, CEO of EXMAR says, “Ammonia utilisation is vital in our pursuit of decarbonised operations. Achieving this requires fuel handling and supply systems tailored for ammonia, and Wärtsilä possesses the expertise and capabilities to provide these solutions”.

“EXMAR, with over 40 years of experience in handling ammonia, has a proven track record in the safe and efficient transport of this fuel. This collaboration leverages EXMAR’s extensive knowledge and Wärtsilä’s advanced systems to pioneer ammonia as a marine fuel, contributing significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.”

The first four of the six gas carriers scheduled for delivery were initially ordered to operate on liquified petroleum gas as fuel, but in October 2023 EXMAR declared an option to change the fuel systems to operate with ammonia.

Patrick Ha, sales manager at Wärtsilä Gas Solutions commented, “This latest contract win is a significant achievement for our company and demonstrates our expertise in providing innovative and sustainable solutions for the maritime industry.”

“It is also fully in line with Wärtsilä’s strategy for enabling decarbonised shipping operations and reinforces our strong partnership with both EXMAR and Hyundai Mipo Dockyard.”

Head of sales at Wärtsilä, Stein Thoresen said, “We have had long and close cooperation with both HMD and EXMAR, and are proud to be part of this exciting project. When operating with ammonia fuel the CO2 emissions will be reduced with about 90%. Delivery to the yard is scheduled for 2025.