Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha and Astomos Energy Corporation have delivered Gas Amethyst,their second jointly owned dual-fuel vessel this year.

A naming ceremony was held on June 12 at Kawasaki Heavy Industries in Sakaide, Japan for the vessel, and was attended by representatives of both companies.

Gas Amethyst follows Gas Garnet, which was delivered in March this year, and was the first vessel from the joint venture.

Gas Amethyst is equipped with a dual-fuel engine that can use both heavy oil and LPG as fuel.

The vessel employs a shaft generator that produces electricity by rotating the shaft connecting the main engine to the propeller, enabling the vessel to switch between heavy oil and LPG during transit.

Compared to vessels that use conventional heavy oil, Gas Amethyst sulfur oxides and carbon dioxide in the exhaust are reduced by over 95% and 20% respectively when the ship is fueled by LPG, according to NYK.

Gas Amethyst is also equipped to transport ammonia if future demand increases, says NYK, amidst increasing attention for ammonia as an alternative fuel prospect, as the world moves towards decarbonisation.

The release from NYK regarding Gas Amethyst commented on the joint partnership, “NYK seeks to further strengthen its long and close relationship with Astomos Energy and contribute to the low-carbonization of the supply chain by promoting environmentally friendly fleet development”. In 2022, NYK launched its brand NYK GREEN EARTH to consolidate efforts towards its long term mission of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, also expanding its Sail GREEN brand from its transport division to the company’s other business divisions.