A 2 Year Journey to Digitisation: A success story

As with many logistics providers, Melbourne-based KTL was facing competitive threats from digital-first-forwarders and larger competitors. As they tried to meet their customers’ evolving expectations of a more modern, Amazon-like shipment visibility and customer experience, KTL realized they needed to dramatically improve their digital customer experience – and that they needed help.

Finding the right partner, however, proved difficult.

Challenge: Getting the Promises to Match Reality

KTL researched solutions and eventually settled with a visibility software vendor that promised they could integrate with CargoWise One.

Unfortunately for KTL, the software vendor struggled with technical implementation. As with most logistics providers, the KTL team didn’t have the specific technical background or experience with the software to really drive the integration of an external software forward themselves.

So, after nearly 2 years, KTL was still not getting the value they were promised.

“They promised that they would have all these different features but never did,”

“The first year was trying to understand what it would do and then it was a good 3-6 months of testing, and then finding problems, trying to pinpoint the issues,” explained KTL General Manager Levi Tankir.

On top of that, KTL’s operational efficiency declined when trying to get the software program to work.

“Our own operators had to manually update extra fields when there were changes to a shipment. They were doing enough as it was and it was too much extra labor that you shouldn’t have to do,” said Makaela Cramp, KTL Pricing Marketing Coordinator.

Solution:  Taking a More “Done for You” Approach

It was about this time that Logixboard reached out to KTL and began showing them how Logixboard’s CargoWise integration worked. After such a poor experience over the last 2 years, naturally they were a bit hesitant to try again, but client demands and the need for a digital solution won out. They decided to go for it.

To KTL’s pleasant surprise, “The Logixboard integration was easy. Just a couple of emails with Logixboard and it was done.” Tankir said with relief.

“The Logixboard integration was easy. Just a couple of emails with Logixboard and it was done.”

He added, “The Logixboard team did all the work in the background and then it was presented nicely to us. It was delivered in a working format as opposed to having so many back-and-forth questions like we had in the past with another provider. Everybody understood everything from day one, and when we had questions, Logixboard had the answers.”

Result: Live in 3 Weeks with 3 New Deals in Less Than 2 Months

After the integration, KTL started closing new deals with Logixboard right away.

“One or two that I’ve had, and at least one from our sales team. Three definitely happened. And this is just brand new,” said Tanker shortly after the integration. “Our sales guy just asked me this morning if we could add a couple of his new customers on Logixboard. So he’s selling it, obviously using it, and that’s what we were looking for.”

They’ve also been able to go back to win former prospects they couldn’t quite convert before having Logixboard.

“You never lose a sales lead. You always go back and try different avenues and take different angles. Logixboard gives us that opportunity as well.”

Conclusion: Complete Customer Satisfaction

KTL Australia’s commitment to putting their customers first by giving them better visibility through a modern digital customer experience platform is paying off. Within the first few months of implementing Logixboard, they are not only closing more deals but seeing customer satisfaction scores skyrocket. “Our customers’ reaction to Logixboard has been positive, from all of them,” Cramp stated enthusiastically. “We did a survey with them and they were all really happy with it. It has been a wonderful experience working with Logixboard.”

To learn more about about Logixboard visit www.logixboard.com/dcn/