What is your job?
I am business development and project management specialist at Powerhouse Logistics Pty Ltd.

My job is never dull and it encompasses sales, marketing, operations, account management, project management. I also manage events and social media marketing. I develop new sales from general cargo to specialised cargo including; over dimensional and overweight cargo, artworks, cosmetics, observatories and scientific equipment, military/defence munitions and equipment, mining machinery, and endangered animals. I have been relocating exotic, endangered, equine animals for about 25 years and have moved everything including giraffes, rhinos and primates to aquatic animals.

Where did you grow up? What made it special?
I’ve always been a Sydney girl. My fondest memories of my childhood are always of my family, (my parents and my sister), whether it’s a holiday to Avoca, going ice skating with my sister we trained every day when we were young girls, going for a drive or nice lunch, bush walking, Christmas time I always looked forward to Christmas, what made it so special and still does is purely because of them.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I’ve always enjoyed music, dancing (live bands rock n roll/swing music/jazz), shows and movies, food and wine and two years ago I started my WAYWF list (What are you waiting for list) which is very long. My list includes things I’ve always wanted to try but never have, of places I want to see, experiences I want to have. Now I love to snowboard. There’s nothing like clean crisp air and snowflakes floating gently from the sky while you sit staring down a mountain. When I have time I paint or sketch. Above all, spending time with my family.

Is there any Australian (past or present) who you find particularly inspirational?
Sara Jane Henderson for her sheer guts to take on the outback in the 1930’s and rebuilds Bullo River Cattle Station after her husband died in 1985. The station was in severe debt however Sara and her daughters did not give up, her determination and courage won her an Australian Business Woman of the year award in 1991. I can’t imagine how challenging it must have been for her and her daughters.

What was the last movie you watched?
I’m a huge movie buff. At the cinema I recently watched “Black Panther”. The female characters were brilliant and for me stole the show but the CGI was sloppy at times. At my home cinema I have watched “Deadpool” multiple times. What a mind-blowingly fun ride. I love “Deadpool” with his quips along with the outrageous action scenes combined with incredible CGI. It remains my favourite release from 2016. The movie is cast brilliantly and Ryan Reynolds just owns it. Let’s not forget underneath it all it’s a love story…naaawwwww.

Why are you passionate about getting more women working in logistics?
I was lucky enough to start my journey in this industry with a mentor who I am still working with today after 25 years, Alex Kijurina. When I began, logistics was male-dominated however we have come a long way. Our industry offers incredible choice and diversity. My passion emanates from the love of my profession and how lucky I am to do amazing work.

What is WiLAT and what is your role with it?
I have been wanting to pass on my knowledge for some time and inspire others to join my industry. I thought joining a reputable industry association would be a good place to start (it was). I became a member of CILT-A (Chartered Institute of Logistics Australia) and within 12 months of joining I applied for a scholarship through Women and Leadership Australia in Advanced Leadership Management. I then won the award for Professional Women in Logistics and Transport 2017 (WiLAT) which was a tremendous honour.

This is the first time this award was introduced by CILT-A and with it comes the responsibility of being Australian convenor for WiLAT of which I am proud to be a part. WiLAT is the international women’s group at The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. The Australian chapter will be launching at the end of this year at CILT-A’s annual event in Perth. WiLAT promotes the status of women in the supply chain, logistics and transport industries by providing opportunity and support in the four key areas of leadership, mentorship, entrepreneurship and empowerment.

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This article appeared in the July 2018 edition of DCN Magazine