Monday 19th Nov, 2018
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WORD FROM THE MINISTER: Freight… driving productivity in Australia

Michael McCormack, deputy prime minister and minister for infrastructure and transport, discusses how to bring about a more efficient supply chain

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CURRENCIES, GEO-POLITICS & TRADE: Markets in the age of Trump

Paul Bettany takes a look at currencies, geopolitics and how they impact upon international trade

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FUTURE GENERATIONS: The next generation in the invisible shipping industry

Shipping is facing a big problem in sourcing the next generation of seafarers, with younger people leaving the industry, or not joining at all, writes Stephen Westfield*

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LOGISTICS & SUPPLY CHAIN SPECIAL REPORT: Intermodal project a boon for QLD businesses

InterLinkSQ is about connecting the growing south-west region of Queensland to the Port of Brisbane and the international market

COASTAL SHIPPING SPECIAL REPORT: Policy settings crucial to revitalise the coastal fleet

Change to current coastal shipping laws have to be the right changes, writes Teresa Lloyd*

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Grand projects are transforming the supply chain in the nation’s north-west

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THE BROKER’S VIEW: Talking trade with the CBFCA

Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia chief executive Paul Damkjaer outlines some key talking points

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LIFE IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN: Logistics growth in Asia – the view from Singapore

SCLAA national chairman Amanda O’Brien writes about China, conferences, trade, diversity and bringing about change in the logistics industry