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Editorial Standards of Practice

The Daily Cargo News has adopted the Standards of Practice of the Australian Press Council. Find the Statement here. If you believe the standards may have been breached, you can contact DCN editor directly at or its publisher or call us on 02 9439 1955.

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The Daily Cargo News welcomes editorial discussion and different points of view from our industry members and reading community.

If you would like to add to the discussion, make a complaint or offer suggestions please contact our editor, Ian Ackerman at and cc our Publisher, Lindsay Reed at

If you are contacting us to make a complaint please let help us understand its nature;

  • Tell us which content you are complaining about  for example, the magazine, website, e-news service or social media, noting the issue number, article webpage, etc;
  • Clearly outline the nature of your concerns – if you are alleging factual errors, breaches of our standards, bias in any way or omissions.

If the complaint is justified and of a material nature we will take all reasonable steps to remedy the error which may include a retraction or correction published in future editions.

We cannot accept anonymous complaints or suggestions, so please include your name, company and contact details.

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