Tuesday 13th Nov, 2018

APEC host warns of protectionism

The city of Port Moresby will this week play host to political heavy-hitters from across the Pacific

Hema Maps / DCN

Gladstone pushes ahead with foreshore development

GPC is another port looking to make the most of its property portfolio


Mapletree to acquire logistics property in South Korea

A logistics business from South East Asia is looking to grow its business in north Asia


MSC earns quality management certificate

The classifying agency gave the shipping company ticks for customer and regulatory requirement compliance

Port of Brisbane

Bunnings and Brissie agree on terms

Port of Brisbane is looking to property deals to leverage value from its available land


Standard Club and Ping An do a deal

An insurance deal is expected to allow two entities to better provide insurance for the Chinese ship-owning sector


Faster pace required on TIC outcomes

The ALC has had its say on key issues raised in a conference in Sydney


Underwater drones to assess YM Efficiency containers

AMSA says it wants containers removed from the seabed as soon as possible


Unions critical of stevedore

Waterfront workers in Australia, Indonesia and Pakistan have come together for a common cause