Advertising with DCN

Why Advertise in DCN – Daily Cargo News?

Regarded by many as Australia’s most trusted industry journal, DCN offers advertisers a prime platform to advertise their products and/or services and access to an entirely paid blue-chip subscriber base of senior decision makers across the entire industry. Frankly, advertising with DCN means advertising with the best.

We publish in three formats:

  • Monthly Magazine – The new monthly, glossy format was launched in 2018, providing advertisers with greater engagement, longer shelf-life & readership, better presentation of advertising creative – and an overall increased value for your investment.
  • Daily Email Newswire – Emailed daily to over 4,000 subscribers, the newswire offers the opportunity to engage daily with your audience.
  • Website – With new content uploaded daily, the website is the go-to for up-to-the minute industry news, as well as features & reports. The refreshed design in 2019 now offers advertisers even better integrated banner and MPU positioning across the site.

For further information please complete the form below or contact Lindsay Reed on +61 (0)431 956 645

Advertising Terms & Conditions
  1. Daily Cargo News Pty Ltd (ABN 38 666 799 793) herein known as the Publisher.
  2. The word “Advertisement” will be placed above any advertisement which in the Publisher’s opinion resembles editorial copy.
  3. The Publisher reserves the right of rejection of advertisements as a whole or in part.
  4. The contract shall not be invalidated and the Advertiser shall not have any claim against the Publisher if an advertisement is omitted or rejected or not placed as instructed by the Advertiser in an issue for which the Advertiser has contracted.
  5. The Publisher reserves the right to place an advertisement as desired by it except where specially instructed by the Advertiser and agreed upon by the Publisher in writing.
  6. Copy must be lodged as required by the Publisher. If copy is not lodged, payment for the booking is still due to the Publisher and the same may elect to publish copy previously provided by the Advertiser.
  7. The Advertiser represents and warrants to the Publisher, that no accepted advertisement, including electronic material, will be misleading, deceptive or false in any particular and it complies with all relevant laws and regulations. The Advertiser shall indemnify and keep the Publisher indemnified against any claims, costs, damages or liability whatsoever arising from any breach of this representation and warranty.
  8. The Publisher reserves the right to place an advertisement as desired by it, except where specifically agreed in writing to the Advertiser by the Publisher.
  9. The Publisher makes no warranties in relation to proximity of publication of Advertising to publication of copy relating to competing products or services.
  10. Payment terms are strictly net 30 days from date of invoice, 15% charge will be incurred for payments over 90 days. Payment must be in Australian dollars.
  11. Cancellation: The Advertiser will have the right of cancellation without penalty if notice is given in writing to the Publisher:
  • For a Publication, the cancellation date 28 days prior to the on-sale date.
  • For a Digital platform, 28 days prior to the commencement of the campaign.
  • If the Client cancels within the 28 day period, the Client must pay the Publisher the full amount. The publisher may, at its discretion, reschedule the campaign to another date but will invoice within the period of the original booking.
  1. If The Publisher fails to issue a Confirmation or Booking form relating to a request for services, but provides these requested services, these terms bind the client as if a booking had been made.