THE INTERNATIONAL Chamber of Shipping has released the second edition of its Engine Room Procedures Guide.

The second edition includes updates on future fuels and enclosed space entry procedures.

ICS developed the guide for shipowners, operators and crewmembers to ensure ships’ engine rooms are operated and managed safely.

It said this latest edition builds on the success of the first and provides a more in-depth and up-to-date reference for the safe and efficient operation of engine rooms on board ships.

Key features of the second edition are updated content on IMO regulations, expanded coverage of engine room procedures, enhances safety measures and a user-friendly design.

Ivan Stont, energy conservation specialist of Stolt Tankers, and a member of the expert panel that behind the new edition, said the publication was a testament to the ICS’s commitment to safety in the maritime industry.

“We believe that this guide will serve as an indispensable tool for professionals in the field and contribute to the overall safety and efficiency of engine room operations,” he said.

The Engine Room Procedures Guide complements the guidance in the ICS Bridge Procedures Guide.