MOL president and chief executive Junichiro Ikeda has confirmed their ship LNG Fukurokuju rescued a castaway 330km off New Ireland, Papua New Guinea.

According to a statement from Mr Ikeda, at 16.30 local time on 26 November, the LNG Fukurokuju, while underway northeast of New Ireland, Papua New Guinea, spotted a castaway who was calling for help.

The ship immediately “started rescue activities” and was able to rescue him two hours later.


At 6.52am on the next day, the survivor was handed over to the local authorities off Lihir Island of Papua New Guinea, upon instructions of the Papua New Guinea Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centres.

LNG Fukurokuju, which is registered in the Bahamas, is 293metres long and has a crew of 32 from Korea and the Philippines.