DP World Australia Logistics recently announced it would impose an “off window surcharge” starting on 1 February at its Sydney terminal.

If a truck arrives more than an hour prior to or an hour after its notification window (which is half an hour) allocated in the Containerchain system, the transport operator will incur an “off window surcharge” of $25.50.

If the truck arrives within the two and a half hours around its notification window, the charge will be $16.50 per notification.

A spokesperson from DP World Logistics told DCN: “We’d prefer that trucks arrived at the time they nominated and didn’t pay the surcharge. When trucks arrive when they are expected everyone benefits through quicker turnaround.”


Container Transport Alliance Australia director Neil Chambers told DCN he saw the surcharge as not entirely negative.

“The CTAA position is that it’s about working together to improve gate capacity, truck turnaround times and the behaviour of some transport companies to adhere to the system,” he said.