ANL is launching three new services that connect the major Australian ports with South East Asian ports with three weekly loops.

The three services, AAX-S, AAX-E and AAX-W will replace the current AAX1 and AAX2

ANL general manager for Asia Anthony Orgill said, “Evolving in line with the changing market realities is what we do. ANL has a proud history spanning five decades, throughout this time the AAX brand has been a go-to for our clients.

“We see this new suite of three services as ongoing commitment to the Australia <> South East Asia trade. Furthermore, we look forward to offering our Fremantle based clients complementary solutions to the New North Europe Med Oceania (NEMO) calls,” Mr Orgill said.

The services will commence operation from March 2023.

AAX-S will be serviced by seven 8500-TEU vessels and will connect Port Kelang, Tanjung Pelepas and Singapore with Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Fremantle.

AAX-E will be serviced by six 5700-TEU vessels and will connect Tanjung Pelepas and Singapore with  Brisbane and Sydney, with a second call at Brisbane on the way back to Tanjung Pelepas.

And, AAX-W will be serviced by three 1800-TEU vessels. It will connect Singapore, Fremantle and Port Kelang.