NORTHERN Stevedoring Services is to implement Inbound from mid-February.

The vehicle booking and visibility platform aims to rid the breakbulk and automotive stevedoring, and the warehousing sectors of inefficiencies.

Inbound is to be rolled out for the container and breakbulk terminal at the Port of Townsville, as well as the associated empty container depot and port warehouse.

NSS general manager Mark George said, “We know that the use of the latest technology is key to providing improved services to our clients, better safety for our staff, and watertight compliance with all relevant regulations. Inbound will provide us with all of this, as well as far greater visibility of our operations for the port community in Townsville. For us, it was an easy decision.”

Inbound founder and CEO Luke Duffy said he was proud to provide NSS and the broader Townsville port community with technology tools.

“[These tools] will drastically improve efficiency, safety and compliance outcomes for all parties,” he said.

“Inbound’s ability to deliver a truly flexible vehicle booking and visibility platform is key to ensuring that NSS achieve these outcomes easily and in a cost-effective manner.”